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Character Development – Day 3

Word Count: 3803

I’ve never written a novel  – so I am way out of the comfort zone at the moment – a great test of self exploration.  I did intend to get some more words down on paper today, but I am sure that I am not alone in that I have been far too distracted in scanning the tag surfer and reading about the journey that many of you are undertaking.

I did finish the action list, I posted the other day.  Sent emails to my friends to let them know about “the Challenge”.  Affirmation from friends is so energising.  Probably because of the kind of friends I have, they all gave me advice and their own statistical breakdown on how many words per day, per hour, per minute.  The funny thing was that none of the number crunching came to the same end result. I have my own chart now on the wall tracking the progress and the daily target.

I also sought permission from my corporate heroes to use them for inspiration.  At the moment I can’t afford any legal battles for stepping on toes.  A precautionary measure just in case this novel does get written and after November I plan to do something more with it.

I am guessing that character development is a must.  I have been evoking the story’s characters.  Over the month I will post them on the Character Pages – when I am looking for something to do other than write. Getting this clear visual image is helping me step inside the characters.

I have used a couple of programs to develop these characters but the main one has been Hero Machine. It’s a great bit of fun. Now if only these humble heroic characters would come out to play – I need to boost the word count.


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