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How Seedlings Grow – Day 8

Word Count: 16108  32% completed

Eight days ago, I planted a seed.  Over the first week it took some nurturing, careful watering and coaxing to urge this seed from the ground.  After a few days, I could see in my mind what this seed was going to look like although as yet it had not matured.

Now on Day 8, this seed has burst out of the ground as a little seedling that is sending branches out everywhere from the main stem.  Perhaps my story line is getting out of control, but there are lots of ideas and digressions.  I guess as long as they stay related to the main stem, we might just get there.

Today I found that I am jumping around quite a bit – just trying to get snippets of paragraphs here and there – whether or not they form a cohesive whole and turn into that beautiful plant that is in my mind’s eye, we will just have to wait and see.

May the writing muse be with you.


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