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Losing the Thread – Day 12

Word Count: 28254

The word count is slowly etching its way upwards.  I know there are no massive spikes in my performance like some of you crazy people out there, but I only visualised that I would be at this point in about 5 days time, so I am feeling good – after all – I think NaNoWriMo is all about the journey and the personal experience – whether you hit the goals or not.  I have a strong competitive streak and it has been a learning experience not to feel beaten by early massive word counts recorded by others.

What I fear more is that I am losing the thread of my story.  I know that it wasn’t that long ago that I said I took a friend’s advice and sketched out a rough story board.  Well based on the desires of my characters – that story board has gone out of the window.

About a week ago, I had hoped that having the start and writing the end would then converge into an internally logical story of about 46,000 words.  At this point, with 22 K to go I am not convinced that this will happen either.  I am thankful that most of the story has a heavy fantasy element to it – anything goes right?

The aim tomorrow is to reach that 30K mark, and recover a glimpse of a thread to the main story.  No easy feat.


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