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When evil is something else – Day 13

Word Count: 30,022.

It was sweet joy to shout out today on the WriMo shout out threads – 30K and counting.  There are still so many gaps though between the start and the end, the somewhere between middle and end is becoming a frightful conglomeration. But I must keep pressing on, if I hope to wrestle some sense into this story – I am starting to regret that there are so many characters, and one too many universes to keep track of.

The other interesting development today is that my proposed villains, may actually not end up being the “real evil” at all – and that this could be something else altogether – something far more insidious and sinister.

So here is my dilemma, too many good guys fighting for story-time; villains that are as much victim as our heroes to a far bigger evil, three universes that keep colliding, a reader who keep arguing the story line with the writer, and a philosopher who keeps popping his head in to share some oblique reference which may or may not be revealed in the story line … Help – my focus is shattered.


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