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Fatigue is a curse – Day 14

Word Count: 31931

Day 14 – End of Week 2.

Some kind of story is trundling along, and I wrote my quota again today but the fatigue is starting to set in.  I just realised that even when I am not WriMoing, I am expending so much mental energy around this challenge.  Constantly thinking about what should I write next, where should I go so I don’t get bored with what I am doing.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still enjoying the experience and it hasn’t become an – oh god, I ‘ve got to sit down and write.  It’s more – I’m tired, the synapses of my brain are firing ever so slowly.  I feel as though I am way too commited to stop now and am determined to meet the challenge.

Today, I did go back and finish one of the chapters that I had left a few days ago mid stream.  There is a sense of accomplishment, but I think I will call it an early night, recharge the batteries, so I can hit targets tomorrow.

The endurance challenge is on.


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