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Resetting Goals – Day 15

Word Count: 34672

Ok.  I am ahead of my original game plan and it is halfway through the month.  Yesterday I felt fatigue and gave the typing a rest for a good 24 hours.  Actually, for most of the day I found it really hard to get into it.  However I started NaNoWriMo to challenge myself and push a lot of internal boundaries.  So, instead of going hey – I’m ahead you can slow the pace a little, what do I decide to do?

Yep – you’ve got it – I have reset my goals and I want to hit the 50K mark by 21 November.  I realised that the reason why my motivation was flagging was because, I could see that it was very possible to achieve this thing by the end of the month.  My motivation is at its best when I do put internal pressure on myself to go that little bit further than I planned.  It does mean, that I have to step up my average word count – but it’s not that much – an extra 300 words a day more than the current run rate.  That’s only about twice as long as this post – can’t be that hard? or can it?

I’ll keep you posted.  To those who are still in the race – I hope to see you there at the finish line.


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