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Time Management – Day 16

Word Count – 38266

I was surprised how quickly I hit my target tonight.  But here is the dilemma – I know I need to conserve my energy so I don’t end up where I was two days ago complaining of fatigue, but the hint of 40K is alluring, so do I keep going and work til the early hours of the morning?

I have already upped my daily word count to get to 50 K by the 21 November – so this is just stretching those boundaries once again.  I cannot believe how quickly I get sucked into that trap.  OK – time for a deep breath … and to take some control over this obsessiveness.  Learning to balance my whole life with my pet obsessions is definitely a difficult lesson for me to learn.

I will call it a day … I may regret this tomorrow if the words stop to flow.  Oh well – it’s all about the journey.


One Response

  1. I have regretted it already, but there’s nothing I can do. Virtually impossible to write with the rest of the family buzzing around. At least tomorrow they’re going off to work/school again, and I get peace and the fast laptop.

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