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Close to closing – Day 19

Word Count: 49118

To be so close, and yet so far.  As much as I am tempted to push through and finish the last 800 words or so, I am resisting the urge – sleep is a better option at this point.

Tonight, I systematically worked through the novel tying up those annoying middle ends that weren’t connected.  It’s not so much editing as it is joining the dots.   I have completely abandoned one whole chapter, to include it would really blow out how much I still have to do to have a complete story by the end of the month.  There are still two chapters no where near completion, but my brain can’t deal with a creative way right now to bring them together.  Maybe tomorrow.

I guess my focus has moved from word count, to actually having a finished story.

Also today, I have changed the title for the novel from “The (not so) Secret Society of Corporate Heroes” to “Zetoec” which is the name of the realm in the Absurd where my heroes get to clash with villains in all their glory and dementedness.

Until tomorrow …


2 Responses

  1. Well done. You are so close now. The end is in sight. Just remember – a story neither has to have a beginning, middle and end, sometimes the absurd can take over and become like the film Mulholland Drive or Pulp Fiction where the story of chaos makes it brilliant. Good luck for the last 800 words.

  2. Thank you magical fairy for your wise words and for passing by with a most magical wand.

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