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Little Progress – Day 22

Word Count: 52112

The third last chapter is proving troublesome.  I sense that my characters are feeling their ultimate demise and that soon, they will no longer be a part of this incredible journey.  For 21 days they have been able to argue and fight over parts to play in the story, but soon they are all to be silenced.

A riot is ensuing – and they are battling each other to get another word in, to share a little more about themselves or what they know to have 15 minutes of fame.  This chapter is essentially written in the Absurd.  Overall, throughout this journey, I have found the storyline in the Absurd the easier sections to write – for here my characters do not need to subscribe to the mundane habitualty of ordinary lives.

This will probably end up being a very long chapter.  As much as I want to blame my characters for it’s progress, perhaps it is I who wants to write the never ending story?

Until tomorrow – power to your words.


2 Responses

  1. No doubt, thanks for the encouragement and congratulations on your own win.

  2. Thanks Erik. Hoping to see you there at the finish line.

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