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The Colour Purple – Day 25

Today is the day – I have been able to officially load my novel to  NaNoWriMo for the final count, and I can now say with confidence that I am officially a WINNER – purple bar and all.  I have always loved the colour purple but not so much as I did today.

The Purple Bar

The Purple Bar

Although I had reached the NaNoWriMo word count target of 50,000 back on the 20th November, regular visitors to this site will know that the last 5 days has been a struggle for me to actually finish the story.  Once I hit the word count goal for the month, my attention quickly switched from word counts, calculators, spreadsheets and graphs, to the actual literary challenge of writing a “completed” story before the end of the month to feel a sense of achievement.

Today, my characters that have lived so actively in my head the past 25 days have been silenced.  At times I did feel as though they were beside me while I was writing.  The heroes have gone on a well deserved vacation (perhaps to plot and scheme for some future revival), and the villains are still lurking in the dark recesses of my mind.  The plot has been terminated.  Sure, if I was to re-read the story, I am positive that I will find many places where I could further develop both the characters and the story, but for my first novel – ever – I am not looking to write an epic.

I do have something though that perhaps I can go back to at a later date, if I wanted to pursue this creative side and previously untested side of me.  I have enjoyed this personal challenge, whether I come back and do it again – I will see.  No promises.

For the numerically inclined, here are some stats on about Zetoec:

Final Total Word Count: 56,494 (as verified by NaNoWriMo)

Average Word Count per day: 2,260

Worst Day: Day 21 (post 50K Blues) with 0 words written

Best Day: Day 19 with 3,998 words.

Winner Statistics: 56th person to be awarded official “Winner Status” in 2008.

The Coveted Winners Badge

The Coveted Winners Badge


7 Responses

  1. Congratulations! You’re one of the first 58 winners. I’m jealous; I finished my first NaNo in 2005 before Thanksgiving and it was sweet indeed. I think I’ll squeak in with this one on the 29th. 🙂

    It’s cool that you started a blog specifically to chronicle your first NaNo adventure. Will you continue to write here now that it’s over?

  2. Thanks Lacey – I have grown pretty attached to this site – so I think it will probably continue after 30 November. I am going to keep posting daily though until the 30th in dedication to NaNoWriMo and all things NaNoWriMo, although I won’t be adding another word to the actual novel! Checked out your blog – great effort – you will get there!

  3. Congratulations on getting to the 50k and on writing you first novel. I wrote my first full novel last year and am still yet to edit it. LOL.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog it is always great to get to know new writers.

    You may find that now you have opened the doors you’ll have characters come calling at all time of day and night. LOL. Good luck with your writing.


  4. Hey thanks for the comment and ditto on the congratulations! I never thought I would finish mine, let alone in a little over a month. It shows I have no life! Anyway, I love the name of your novel and if you don’t mind I’d like to add you to my Blogroll!

    It feels good to finish NaNo, doesn’t it?

  5. Congratulations! Isn’t finishing the story a wonderful feeling? It’s great to see all the effort put in by others to complete a large project like this.

  6. Congratulations to you too! I think it is so great that you have not only written the 50 000 words but also have a completed story. That is something you can be really proud of and is (in my opinion) far more important the word count itself.

  7. Thanks everyone for your best wishes. It does feel great to have finished NaNo.

    Koshermuffin – it would be an honour to be on your blogroll – thanks for the invitation.

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