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Synopsis – Day 26

As much as I finished the story yesterday, I simply cannot leave NaNo alone.  Today I started to draw the draft front cover for the book (that will probably never be published) and hopefully I will post a copy of that tomorrow.  It just isn’t quite finished.

However, for my faithful readers, I have uploaded a synopsis of Zetoec.  It has been done in Wordle which seems to be the fad of the moment, and fun to see what words have been the post popular after writing over 50,000 words.  This wordle is based on the top 150 or so words (ex-characters) from the full script.

Zetoec Wordle

Zetoec Wordle


3 Responses

  1. this is very cool. I’ve been wanting to do a sort of word collage all over the walls of my study, and this image is inspiring. I’ll probably do the lovely, manual labor of cutting out the words from magazines and other places, though.
    Congratulations on winning, and even more important, congratulations on feeling you are on finished with the story. I used NaNo this year to finish a novel that I started many years ago. I’ve won NaNo before, but this time, I’m going to finish the darned story, though even after Sunday (unless my daughter lets me writing tomorrow and I can finish Friday – hahaha!), I’ll still have at least another 10,000 words to add to get to the end.
    Hey, thank you for your encouragement!

  2. Oh, so that is what wordle is… cool! Congrats on officially finishing the novel with time to spare. And so the corporate heroes take a singing break before embarking on their next adventure whatever that might be…

  3. Hi slackerpoet and wheatbites,
    Thanks for your comments. After 30 November, I think I will become a wordle addict. I love how it makes your most frequent words larger than the others. Based on this wordle, it seems that my heroes have an issue with “Time” in Zetoec!

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