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Reviving Lost Connections

Last night I rejoined a book club that I had attended a couple of times many years ago.  There were familiar faces around the table, and although it was probably been close to five years since I had met with this group, I was overawed by their continuity and appreciative of their openness to welcome me back.

It was a Kris Kringle night where you bring a present without knowing the recipient and exchange at the even.  In this case we were asked to bring a second hand book, wrapped up, and each took a turn to pull out their present from the “Santa bag”.  Over the next month, we all have to read our book and then provide a critique or review at the next book club in the new year.

I ended up pulling out a book which is called “The 39 Steps” by John Buchan.  It was first published in 1915.   This is not a book that I would have instinctively chosen for myself – but I did start to read it last night.  There are a couple of lines in the dedication that really got my attention – maybe because the line parallel my recent life and writing experience.

“the dime novel … where the incidents defy the probabilities, and march just inside the borders of the possible.  During an illness last winter I exhausted my store of those aids to cheerfulness, and was driven to write one for myself.  This little volume is the result …”

There is anticipation mixed with anxiety when you revive lost or old connections, but I am glad that I have rejoined this group, and that they have expanded my reading repertoire.


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