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Critical Critique

I am curious why I should feel more liberated to share my thoughts and creative attempts so easily online, yet feel more anxiety when I share them with someone close to me.  I previously posted my intention to share copies of Zetoec with some friends, including my partner. I knew he had started reading it, but he hadn’t said anything as yet. I have been anxiously waiting for some feedback, so I finally asked today …

The verdict – (quote) You should be proud of what you have written … I like your writing style, maybe not the content, but it is interesting to read … so far I like the Philosopher …(unquote)

I will wait until he has finished the full story, before I ask again for more feedback. If Zetoec passes the most critical critique from the person closest to me, I may try to write another book again. My NaNoWriMo shirt finally arrived in the mail today – it took a long time to come all the way to the other side of the world – it may be the wrong size but it will probably last longer than this current passion for writing !!!


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