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Half way mark – Day 15

nanowrimo, day 15 goal

Just over halfway, with 25,500 word typed into what could be loosely called a manuscript, there is another 24,500 to go to reach the 2009 nanowrimo goal. Whether what I have written is half the story – is a completely different question.

This year I have approached Nanowrimo differently. Up until today, I have been writing snippets of story as ideas come into my head with little of no correlation to each other – apart from the main character.

Today for the first time, I printed off what I had written and started the exercise of weaving these meandering thoughts together into a story. I have a reasonable sense of who my main character is now. Over the next couple of days, I intend to be a little more structured in my approach.

Although I didn’t write today, I found that reaching the Day 15 goal of 25,500 fairly easy. Filling in the blanks is so much easier than conceiving the markers. I am curious to see how this approach will affect the direction of the story – what elements of the character will be enhanced or subdued as a result.

Before we know it Nanowrimo will be over!


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