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remember to do the shopping

nanowrimo - goal day 10
Last year I became so wrapped up in Nanowrimo, the rest of the world did not exist for those 30 days of pure writing pleasure – I was seduced by the first time experience, the comaraderie between fellow writers, the ambition of writing a novel!
This year I promised my family that I would approach Nano with “more balance”, that I would remember to do the shopping for groceries, that I would not spend my entire time slaving over the keyboard.
I’m not sure if the approach has dampened my spirits a little or not, but I am certainly calmer about Nano this year. The writing may not be as emotionally pumped or caffeine injected. I am less careful about my spelling and grammar, and less inclined to slave over the “right phrasing”.
Jordie – my main character – is still talking to me – which I take as a good sign as I cross over the 17K mark – but she did get the shock of her life today.
I hit the target today – so I am going to simply walk away …. that’s it get up … walk away …. you can stop typing now …. OK … see you tomorrow ….

Fatigue is a curse – Day 14

Word Count: 31931

Day 14 – End of Week 2.

Some kind of story is trundling along, and I wrote my quota again today but the fatigue is starting to set in.  I just realised that even when I am not WriMoing, I am expending so much mental energy around this challenge.  Constantly thinking about what should I write next, where should I go so I don’t get bored with what I am doing.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still enjoying the experience and it hasn’t become an – oh god, I ‘ve got to sit down and write.  It’s more – I’m tired, the synapses of my brain are firing ever so slowly.  I feel as though I am way too commited to stop now and am determined to meet the challenge.

Today, I did go back and finish one of the chapters that I had left a few days ago mid stream.  There is a sense of accomplishment, but I think I will call it an early night, recharge the batteries, so I can hit targets tomorrow.

The endurance challenge is on.

When evil is something else – Day 13

Word Count: 30,022.

It was sweet joy to shout out today on the WriMo shout out threads – 30K and counting.  There are still so many gaps though between the start and the end, the somewhere between middle and end is becoming a frightful conglomeration. But I must keep pressing on, if I hope to wrestle some sense into this story – I am starting to regret that there are so many characters, and one too many universes to keep track of.

The other interesting development today is that my proposed villains, may actually not end up being the “real evil” at all – and that this could be something else altogether – something far more insidious and sinister.

So here is my dilemma, too many good guys fighting for story-time; villains that are as much victim as our heroes to a far bigger evil, three universes that keep colliding, a reader who keep arguing the story line with the writer, and a philosopher who keeps popping his head in to share some oblique reference which may or may not be revealed in the story line … Help – my focus is shattered.

Losing the Thread – Day 12

Word Count: 28254

The word count is slowly etching its way upwards.  I know there are no massive spikes in my performance like some of you crazy people out there, but I only visualised that I would be at this point in about 5 days time, so I am feeling good – after all – I think NaNoWriMo is all about the journey and the personal experience – whether you hit the goals or not.  I have a strong competitive streak and it has been a learning experience not to feel beaten by early massive word counts recorded by others.

What I fear more is that I am losing the thread of my story.  I know that it wasn’t that long ago that I said I took a friend’s advice and sketched out a rough story board.  Well based on the desires of my characters – that story board has gone out of the window.

About a week ago, I had hoped that having the start and writing the end would then converge into an internally logical story of about 46,000 words.  At this point, with 22 K to go I am not convinced that this will happen either.  I am thankful that most of the story has a heavy fantasy element to it – anything goes right?

The aim tomorrow is to reach that 30K mark, and recover a glimpse of a thread to the main story.  No easy feat.

Half Way to No Where – Day 11

Word Count: 25060

Well it is just passed lunch time on Day 11, and yes I will take a short moment of celebration, as I just clocked up the half way mark.  I had promised myself that I would do something else when I hit the mark and give the heroes of my story, a short but well rested break.

I do fear that although half way in the word count, the story is no where near half way there, and maybe it is going nowhere.  Only this morning I started to truly introduce my Absurd Villain Characters – Toxic Slime, and although all this is leading to a hopefully incredible battle scene, the show down between good and evil, I think it might run out of steam before the first bell rings to signal the end of round one.

Keep on cruisin’

Aiming for the half way mark – Day 10

Word Count: 22238

Another late night, and another late hour to post my daily blog.  I swear I must be living in the wrong time zone.  Today was one of my most concerted efforts, however I feel as though I am avoiding certain parts of the story line.  There are some chapters started, but not finished.  There are some chapters finished that don’t seem to really fit.  Oh well, the confusion remains and it is a matter of pushing through.  I have promised myself to actually research some tips and techniques on how you should write a novel –  being the first year doing NaNoWriMo, I am operating on pure instinct.

However, I have the half way mark in my sights and I really wasn’t expecting to be here so soon.

My best friend today was a thesaurus.

Characters competing for air time – Day 9

Day 9: Word Count: 18863 37.7% completed

Every day, the process of writing a novel, has proven to be an unexpected journey.  Although I didn’t actually sit and start to write until about 11pm on the 9th, I am still counting this effort as the effort for Day 9.

Today, despite the lateness of the hour, I once again found it reasonably easy to get nearly 3000 words down.  However what has surprised me is that some of the characters are now competing for air time and for parts of the story to revolve around them.

Whether is is effective or not, it seems that digressions to the main story line are required to satisfy the needs of these heroes – they all have something to say.  As a result the plot is twisting and turning to its own tune and who knows what the future story line holds.

Perhaps, I am starting to let down the guard and write more freely.

Until tomorrow – may your fingers fly across the key board.