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Nanowrimo, Day 30, I’ve won!

Congratulations to everyone that had made it to the nanowrimo winning post. Best of luck to those of you furiously writing, knowing that the deadline is racing right beside you, step for step. If this year is not a purple bar year, there is always NANO 2010.

For me, this year’s journey is over. Yeah!!! The second year and the second win. This year I was very quiet on the forums, and the blogs, and only managed to consistently post a virtual diary on Flickr and keep to just over 1700 words on average per day. The motivation and approach was so different compared to my obsession with Zetoec last year. I was far more relaxed and disciplined.



So what did I end up writing about? Well in truth I haven’t even gone back to read the full story yet (could be some surprises lurking in there).

Inside Her Drawers A synopsis: At the end of her life, a memory hoarder discovers that the memories she had preserved by collecting an eclectic array of trinkets were in fact misconstrued memories. Unwittingly she had perpetuated the angst, phobias and grievances of three spiritual guides.

There is a lot of editing to be done to the book, but in the last few days I started to feel that the idea for the book might have legs. Similar to last year, the process of writing has been quite cathartic and at times emotionally challenging. Maybe this is why I was at times quite ambivalent about the M.C. – a Ms J Duncan – she wanted to explore ideas that I really didn’t want to. It may not be ready to share anytime soon, but it was 30 days of literary abandon, with an official word count of 50334.

To read a little more of “Inside Her Drawers”, you can find a few snippets here.


Day 26 – Nanowrimo

I have had so much fun this year with my nanowrimo motivational pictures that I regret I didn’t start the process at the very beginning of the month. The photos were taken on the day and in most cases adapted using picnik. Some of the images are cryptic, but the process allowed me to stay in a creative zone, while not directly focusing on the novel. This was particularly useful when I had got stuck, or didn’t feel like writing – I worked on the photo for my Flickr Site.

With only a few days left, I am currently ahead on the daily word target. This year, I set 1700 words a day (close to the minimum required, but not an obsessive focus). With about 4K left to go, I want to just plow ahead and finish. I realise that there is a lot of editorial work to be done, and massaging of storylines, but as Nano veterans say – that is what the rest of the year is for.

Wishing all those close to the finish line all the best of luck. To those of you who have made it – congratulations on the win. To those of you who didn’t – do not despair – there is always next year!

Day of Reckoning: Day 30

Today is officially the last day of NaNoWriMo 2008. I promise that this will be my last post for the 2008 Nano experience. I want to thank everyone who shared their journey along the way. During the month, I regularly read the posts from fellow NaNoers and their experiences were inspirational and comforting – particularly on the days when I felt quite lost in the process. I also picked up a lot of great writing tips along the way.

Today, I made up some booklets out of the draft script – that adhesive felt I have had stored in the bottom drawer turned out to be a great way to bind the books. The story is unedited, riddled with mistakes and contains some really clunky bits – but there are some phrases with potential. At the beginning of the month, I had promised to share the story as written with some friends (for them, the book is in the mail!). It will then be the day of reckoning – the days when someone else other than myself will get to read the story – I am curious as to what the feedback will be – hopefully brutally honest and then I will decide what the next step should be.

Tomorrow is the first day of a new month, and the first day of a new challenge. I will attempt to improve my vocabulary. The random word chosen from the dictionary just happens to be “PHYTOCHROME”. Yeah – I am sure I can do something with that! First though I am going to redesign this site.

Congratulations to all the Nano 2008 winners, and to those that are sprinting towards the end in the last few hours. Perhaps I will see you again next year! And to those that may not end up with a badge, it is still admirable that you set out on a journey and November is not the only month of the year when you can write!

Limited Vocabulary – Day 29

During Nano 2008 I became acutely aware of how limited my vocabulary was. English is my native tongue but there are so many magnificent words out there that didn’t come naturally to me when I was writing.

I don’t know if I will do Nano next year, but in the meantime I do want to expand my access to the English language. Over the past few days, I had been devising ways in which to do that – randomly select a word from the dictionary each day (or so) and write a post on that.

Then last night I came across a great idea by Saturday Scribes where they post a theme and a number of words regularly for others to write a creative piece and submit it to the site. Could be lots of fun!

Restored and recycled – Day 28

One of the more interesting things that happened to me during NaNoWriMo was that I found my old poetry books that I wrote as a disturbed teenager. They are most likely older than some of my readers today and was the last time I wrote creatively. It was during a point in writing the novel, that I needed an extra burst of inspiration.

They are dark and tormented lines and to read them with years of adult experience behind me was a curious insight into what I once was, and what is still important to me today. I actually used some of the poems in the novel – converted to prose – for a dream (delirium) scene when my MC has battled two demons and as a result contracted the virus that is rampantly sweeping through Zetoec. As much as they were written in a different context and time, the meaning of those words have been restored and revived.

Technically, I am not sure whether I have cheated on my word count by recycling old ideas, but the personal journey of connecting with a forgotten past is something that I will treasure from NaNoWriMo 2008.

The next challenge – NaBloPoMo

Call it mad – maybe it’s post writing blues, but I signed up to NaBloPoMo today – the goal is to post daily.  At least there is no word target like NaNoWriMo.

Don’t judge a book by its cover – Day 27

Do you judge a book by its cover? I know I do sometimes, but I am more prone to be that impulsive when selecting a bottle of wine.

This month during NaNoWriMo I feel as though I put myself out there, doing some creative writing and for the first time writing a “novel” of just over 50,000 words. Some may argue that that doesn’t technically count as a novel – but hey – the illusion works for me.

So, if I could write a novel, why not pull out those cool Copic pens that have been lying around, unused forever in my drawer and put them to good use.

There are two things that I have learnt – I may never make any money out of being a novelist or an artist – but that doesn’t matter – it was absolute fun along the way!

Whatever you do, try not to judge this book by its cover!