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Nanowrimo, Day 30, I’ve won!

Congratulations to everyone that had made it to the nanowrimo winning post. Best of luck to those of you furiously writing, knowing that the deadline is racing right beside you, step for step. If this year is not a purple bar year, there is always NANO 2010.

For me, this year’s journey is over. Yeah!!! The second year and the second win. This year I was very quiet on the forums, and the blogs, and only managed to consistently post a virtual diary on Flickr and keep to just over 1700 words on average per day. The motivation and approach was so different compared to my obsession with Zetoec last year. I was far more relaxed and disciplined.



So what did I end up writing about? Well in truth I haven’t even gone back to read the full story yet (could be some surprises lurking in there).

Inside Her Drawers A synopsis: At the end of her life, a memory hoarder discovers that the memories she had preserved by collecting an eclectic array of trinkets were in fact misconstrued memories. Unwittingly she had perpetuated the angst, phobias and grievances of three spiritual guides.

There is a lot of editing to be done to the book, but in the last few days I started to feel that the idea for the book might have legs. Similar to last year, the process of writing has been quite cathartic and at times emotionally challenging. Maybe this is why I was at times quite ambivalent about the M.C. – a Ms J Duncan – she wanted to explore ideas that I really didn’t want to. It may not be ready to share anytime soon, but it was 30 days of literary abandon, with an official word count of 50334.

To read a little more of “Inside Her Drawers”, you can find a few snippets here.


Synopsis – Day 26

As much as I finished the story yesterday, I simply cannot leave NaNo alone.  Today I started to draw the draft front cover for the book (that will probably never be published) and hopefully I will post a copy of that tomorrow.  It just isn’t quite finished.

However, for my faithful readers, I have uploaded a synopsis of Zetoec.  It has been done in Wordle which seems to be the fad of the moment, and fun to see what words have been the post popular after writing over 50,000 words.  This wordle is based on the top 150 or so words (ex-characters) from the full script.

Zetoec Wordle

Zetoec Wordle