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Nanowrimo, Day 30, I’ve won!

Congratulations to everyone that had made it to the nanowrimo winning post. Best of luck to those of you furiously writing, knowing that the deadline is racing right beside you, step for step. If this year is not a purple bar year, there is always NANO 2010.

For me, this year’s journey is over. Yeah!!! The second year and the second win. This year I was very quiet on the forums, and the blogs, and only managed to consistently post a virtual diary on Flickr and keep to just over 1700 words on average per day. The motivation and approach was so different compared to my obsession with Zetoec last year. I was far more relaxed and disciplined.



So what did I end up writing about? Well in truth I haven’t even gone back to read the full story yet (could be some surprises lurking in there).

Inside Her Drawers A synopsis: At the end of her life, a memory hoarder discovers that the memories she had preserved by collecting an eclectic array of trinkets were in fact misconstrued memories. Unwittingly she had perpetuated the angst, phobias and grievances of three spiritual guides.

There is a lot of editing to be done to the book, but in the last few days I started to feel that the idea for the book might have legs. Similar to last year, the process of writing has been quite cathartic and at times emotionally challenging. Maybe this is why I was at times quite ambivalent about the M.C. – a Ms J Duncan – she wanted to explore ideas that I really didn’t want to. It may not be ready to share anytime soon, but it was 30 days of literary abandon, with an official word count of 50334.

To read a little more of “Inside Her Drawers”, you can find a few snippets here.

remember to do the shopping

nanowrimo - goal day 10
Last year I became so wrapped up in Nanowrimo, the rest of the world did not exist for those 30 days of pure writing pleasure – I was seduced by the first time experience, the comaraderie between fellow writers, the ambition of writing a novel!
This year I promised my family that I would approach Nano with “more balance”, that I would remember to do the shopping for groceries, that I would not spend my entire time slaving over the keyboard.
I’m not sure if the approach has dampened my spirits a little or not, but I am certainly calmer about Nano this year. The writing may not be as emotionally pumped or caffeine injected. I am less careful about my spelling and grammar, and less inclined to slave over the “right phrasing”.
Jordie – my main character – is still talking to me – which I take as a good sign as I cross over the 17K mark – but she did get the shock of her life today.
I hit the target today – so I am going to simply walk away …. that’s it get up … walk away …. you can stop typing now …. OK … see you tomorrow ….

searching for a plot – day 6

nanowrimo, day 6 OK … I am 7272 word in – and behind schedule from a word count perspective but it is only now in signing off today that I finally start to feel a germ of a plot developing along the sidelines, and I think it is going to turn what I have written so far completely upside down – but not out the window – 7272 words is 7272 words after all.

Maybe I have taken the phrase “literary abandon” a little too seriously … some common sense should apply – like think about a plot, think about a plot … my Flickr photo for the day sums it up –

getting reacquainted

It is so long since I have walked these corridors. The door hinges were rusty and I forgotten the key to gain entry to the main foyer. However, once recovered from the mossy recesses of my mind, I was greeted by the hollow sound of my footsteps trolling through the hallways. Dust floating on the shafts of light that filter through the grimy window panes. I take a moment to get reacquainted, and now that I am here it is all comes rushing back to me. The late nights I would pour over the keyboard to write some words to share with a passing world, hoping that some accidental tourist may take a moment’s respite to share my story.

I often have dreams about a house – it is a familiar house this dream house, and I am usually wandering through its empty rooms – not necessarily searching for something but more trying to evoke a lost memory, a transient idea, to capture some moment of … comfort. To return to this site is reminiscent of those dreams. Nothing here has changed, but I feel fundamentally changed, and so I have.

My absence here has shadowed a transformation taking place in another world. There has been disintegration and my parting words in Sacrifice was perhaps a premonition of that dark but thankfully temporary journey. I originally wrote that poem – at another time of significant change accompanied with a sense of personal sacrifice.

There has been a conscientious shedding of old habits and from the layers of decay- the timid emergence of a new sense of self discovery. I have shaved off all my hair – and although in doing so raised money for a worthwhile charity, it was a personally symbolic gesture, a mark of transition. I have started drawing and painting again and have attempted subject matters that I would have never contemplated before. I have discovered I can be creative without “my old crutches”. I have finally acknowledged the self abuse I have subjected my body to and now listen to its pleas for healthy food and exercise.

So as much as it is great to be back, I might do some redecorating.


I came
butterfly took
run rose
river sang

I came
tortoise heard
sun walked
waterfall cried

I came
pawn thought
sun slept
mountain blue

I came
bamboo danced
stars played
stream laughed

I came
monkey forgot
moon turned
today died

I came
tiger killed
religion lost
love answered

eye saw
ear heard
mouth spoke
heart felt

I came
lips red
breasts blue
thighs green

Spontaneity & Creativity

Sometimes creativity is sparked from moments of inspiration, sometimes creativity is a measured process – reworking an idea until something magical happens.

Sometimes we set out to achieve small goals and in doing so become open to a world of possibilities. Sometimes it takes a significant life event to alter the course of our path.

If you are looking to pick up a thread of spontaneity to weave into your life then there is an option – Fifty Random Challenges in a Month or FiRaChaMo for short. This is a new social networking site, looking for “fearless” companions who are willing to try 50 random things in the month of January – from eating a blade of grass to drawing a portrait of a random person. What I like most about this site, is the idea of doing spontaneous or random things in our every day life. It also gives us the excuse to do something that we might have always longed to do, but never get around to doing it. Members can offer suggestions as to what they might like to add to the list of things to do …

Critical Critique

I am curious why I should feel more liberated to share my thoughts and creative attempts so easily online, yet feel more anxiety when I share them with someone close to me.  I previously posted my intention to share copies of Zetoec with some friends, including my partner. I knew he had started reading it, but he hadn’t said anything as yet. I have been anxiously waiting for some feedback, so I finally asked today …

The verdict – (quote) You should be proud of what you have written … I like your writing style, maybe not the content, but it is interesting to read … so far I like the Philosopher …(unquote)

I will wait until he has finished the full story, before I ask again for more feedback. If Zetoec passes the most critical critique from the person closest to me, I may try to write another book again. My NaNoWriMo shirt finally arrived in the mail today – it took a long time to come all the way to the other side of the world – it may be the wrong size but it will probably last longer than this current passion for writing !!!