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Nanowrimo, Day 30, I’ve won!

Congratulations to everyone that had made it to the nanowrimo winning post. Best of luck to those of you furiously writing, knowing that the deadline is racing right beside you, step for step. If this year is not a purple bar year, there is always NANO 2010.

For me, this year’s journey is over. Yeah!!! The second year and the second win. This year I was very quiet on the forums, and the blogs, and only managed to consistently post a virtual diary on Flickr and keep to just over 1700 words on average per day. The motivation and approach was so different compared to my obsession with Zetoec last year. I was far more relaxed and disciplined.



So what did I end up writing about? Well in truth I haven’t even gone back to read the full story yet (could be some surprises lurking in there).

Inside Her Drawers A synopsis: At the end of her life, a memory hoarder discovers that the memories she had preserved by collecting an eclectic array of trinkets were in fact misconstrued memories. Unwittingly she had perpetuated the angst, phobias and grievances of three spiritual guides.

There is a lot of editing to be done to the book, but in the last few days I started to feel that the idea for the book might have legs. Similar to last year, the process of writing has been quite cathartic and at times emotionally challenging. Maybe this is why I was at times quite ambivalent about the M.C. – a Ms J Duncan – she wanted to explore ideas that I really didn’t want to. It may not be ready to share anytime soon, but it was 30 days of literary abandon, with an official word count of 50334.

To read a little more of “Inside Her Drawers”, you can find a few snippets here.

Day of Reckoning: Day 30

Today is officially the last day of NaNoWriMo 2008. I promise that this will be my last post for the 2008 Nano experience. I want to thank everyone who shared their journey along the way. During the month, I regularly read the posts from fellow NaNoers and their experiences were inspirational and comforting – particularly on the days when I felt quite lost in the process. I also picked up a lot of great writing tips along the way.

Today, I made up some booklets out of the draft script – that adhesive felt I have had stored in the bottom drawer turned out to be a great way to bind the books. The story is unedited, riddled with mistakes and contains some really clunky bits – but there are some phrases with potential. At the beginning of the month, I had promised to share the story as written with some friends (for them, the book is in the mail!). It will then be the day of reckoning – the days when someone else other than myself will get to read the story – I am curious as to what the feedback will be – hopefully brutally honest and then I will decide what the next step should be.

Tomorrow is the first day of a new month, and the first day of a new challenge. I will attempt to improve my vocabulary. The random word chosen from the dictionary just happens to be “PHYTOCHROME”. Yeah – I am sure I can do something with that! First though I am going to redesign this site.

Congratulations to all the Nano 2008 winners, and to those that are sprinting towards the end in the last few hours. Perhaps I will see you again next year! And to those that may not end up with a badge, it is still admirable that you set out on a journey and November is not the only month of the year when you can write!

Limited Vocabulary – Day 29

During Nano 2008 I became acutely aware of how limited my vocabulary was. English is my native tongue but there are so many magnificent words out there that didn’t come naturally to me when I was writing.

I don’t know if I will do Nano next year, but in the meantime I do want to expand my access to the English language. Over the past few days, I had been devising ways in which to do that – randomly select a word from the dictionary each day (or so) and write a post on that.

Then last night I came across a great idea by Saturday Scribes where they post a theme and a number of words regularly for others to write a creative piece and submit it to the site. Could be lots of fun!

Synopsis – Day 26

As much as I finished the story yesterday, I simply cannot leave NaNo alone.  Today I started to draw the draft front cover for the book (that will probably never be published) and hopefully I will post a copy of that tomorrow.  It just isn’t quite finished.

However, for my faithful readers, I have uploaded a synopsis of Zetoec.  It has been done in Wordle which seems to be the fad of the moment, and fun to see what words have been the post popular after writing over 50,000 words.  This wordle is based on the top 150 or so words (ex-characters) from the full script.

Zetoec Wordle

Zetoec Wordle

The Colour Purple – Day 25

Today is the day – I have been able to officially load my novel to  NaNoWriMo for the final count, and I can now say with confidence that I am officially a WINNER – purple bar and all.  I have always loved the colour purple but not so much as I did today.

The Purple Bar

The Purple Bar

Although I had reached the NaNoWriMo word count target of 50,000 back on the 20th November, regular visitors to this site will know that the last 5 days has been a struggle for me to actually finish the story.  Once I hit the word count goal for the month, my attention quickly switched from word counts, calculators, spreadsheets and graphs, to the actual literary challenge of writing a “completed” story before the end of the month to feel a sense of achievement.

Today, my characters that have lived so actively in my head the past 25 days have been silenced.  At times I did feel as though they were beside me while I was writing.  The heroes have gone on a well deserved vacation (perhaps to plot and scheme for some future revival), and the villains are still lurking in the dark recesses of my mind.  The plot has been terminated.  Sure, if I was to re-read the story, I am positive that I will find many places where I could further develop both the characters and the story, but for my first novel – ever – I am not looking to write an epic.

I do have something though that perhaps I can go back to at a later date, if I wanted to pursue this creative side and previously untested side of me.  I have enjoyed this personal challenge, whether I come back and do it again – I will see.  No promises.

For the numerically inclined, here are some stats on about Zetoec:

Final Total Word Count: 56,494 (as verified by NaNoWriMo)

Average Word Count per day: 2,260

Worst Day: Day 21 (post 50K Blues) with 0 words written

Best Day: Day 19 with 3,998 words.

Winner Statistics: 56th person to be awarded official “Winner Status” in 2008.

The Coveted Winners Badge

The Coveted Winners Badge

Post Script – Day 21

On Thursday, I hit the NaNoWriMo word count target and gave writing a rest on Friday – hence the delay in this post.

Yesterday was a chance for the characters to take a break before they launch into the final assault and actually finish the story – the third last chapter in the book.  The last chapter is complete, however, what I originally thought was going to be the final chapter turned out to be a premature ending. The final chapter subsequently written is something very different, which is a nice surprise and so there are no spoilers in the excerpts that I have published.

It was good to take a break from the novel though, 20 days consistently writing something towards the word count targets and posting to this blog each day has been an effort of endurance. I was amazed though how good it felt to get the winner’s badge. Small things do count.

So the end of week 3, ended without a single word written.

Until the next post, thanks for dropping by.