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A Guide for Corporate Heroes

A Guide to becoming a corporate hero

Posted by The Philosopher: –

To be a corporate hero you subscribe to the following:

  1. Your identity as a corporate hero is secret. Only fellow heroes are likely to recognise you, and can call you by your heroic name.
  2. Like your secret corporate hero status, your deeds will often go unnoticed. You have to believe that what you are doing is pure magic and without it the three universes will fall apart.
  3. You are prepared to fight many battles on short notice. You will lose many battles in order to win the war. You may often despair at how much is still to be done. You may question whether it is all worth it.
  4. You accept that there are three known universes – the primary, the absurd, and the e-niverse. At the juncture where these universes meet is “the VORTEX” a shifting centre of power, which acts as a portal to each of the universes. You just never know where you will end up or who you will meet, but as you travel across the vortex you must be prepared to act in heroic ways for the “good” and to fight the “evil”.
  5. The personification of evil abounds everywhere. Beware of the wolves in sheep’s clothing. They want to be heroes, but really they are interested in self-preservation and self-promotion. They generally have powerful allies.
  6. You are likely to meet The Philosopher when you are crossing the VORTEX. The Philosopher will often post a comment on anything and everything. It may not seem relevant, at the time.
  7. As a Corporate Hero you laugh in the face of Adversity, you willingly search for the eternal Power of Potential, you value the integrity of deeds.
  8. You can transform the impossible into the possible.


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