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Bus Trip

…  It really is like herding cats.

“Well come on then”, impatiently exclaims Zoe as though she has been there waiting all the time. We all laugh.
“So, is that everybody”. I’ve become mother hen doing a final count of the chicks. There is one missing – Maddison, of course.
“That Girl – she’s hopeless!”

Maddison can hear me of course and knows I’m referring to her. Her musical chuckle rising above the team chatter. I start to walk again towards her office and she meets me at the doorway. I just shake my head, smiling.

“I know, I know. It was one of the managers from North. He just wanted to ask me some questions about that communication we sent out.”

We file down the stairs, out of the office to the waiting bus.

As soon as the bus door slides shut and automatically locks, you would seriously think that we all had lost our adult years. It was like a school bus full of recalcitrant children. Even before the bus has turned onto the freeway heading north, Heidi starts up the chant “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”

In an appalling fake American drawl, Zoe joins in, “I nee-ed to go to the bath-ruum”.

Samantha breaks into song and Jordan asks the driver to turn the radio up. Samantha leans across the aisle and punches him playfully in the arm.

I think to myself “It’s going to be a long day” as I settle into the seat and adjust my sunglasses. The bus is all a-chatter. I love seeing the team like this – the banter, the serious conversations on the side, the commeraderie, and the dramatization of today’s events re-enacted for everyone’s benefit. I am sure if others in the Company were to see us at this moment, they would think we were barmy. Perhaps we are.

Posted by the Philosopher
Only the damned appreciate the howl of madness.

We may be damned. Damned good. Where else would you find a team like these guys.


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