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Corporate Takeovers

There is nothing spectacular about corporate takeovers.

Omega had been aggressive on that front for many years, swallowing other companies as though it was a shark in a feeding frenzy. Not had one poor company been swallowed before another was being mauled into submission and eventual digestion. Being number one meant being big – top of the food chain, masters of the universe.

The flipping of papers and furtive glances in certain offices, when you went there. The hushed corridor conversations held between unlikely alliances that would stop as soon as someone would approach, and the two would look guiltily at each other before the culprits would depart in separate directions.

Posted by the Philosopher
It is not always the right time to speak the truth.

The worst kept secret in a company is a pending takeover. Speculations buzz along informal networks like a hive of disturbed angry hornets.

I don’t mind corporate takeovers. They are a challenge and keep me in a job. But so many people seem to take them so personally. Our narcissism gets in the way. It’s just business. Company X hasn’t decided to buy Company Y just to screw up your life. Your life isn’t that important in the scheme of the transaction.

By the time employees officially knew about the acquisition, the battle had already been played out and Alpha was victorious. The tables had turned. We were no longer the aggressor, but the dinner being served. There is no immunity from a virus, and Company Alpha was an undiagnosed, chronic virus.

It is all bullshit, the promises as hollow as an empty shoe. All these dealings are a theatrical staging designed for the masses. Off stage, you want to tear your hair out, punch the wall and slit their lying throats. …

The inner cynic will nag you that business as usual is about the money, but you will do extraordinary things because there is a glimmer of hope, that maybe, just maybe this time it will be different.


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