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Smiling Assassin

Before long the battle had turned ugly, vicious and violent.  Our staffs clashed and clattered.  The Hench Men were standing in their seats egging on their leader, jeering at me.  Some even sent bolts of wickedness down toward me from their boxes in the Stadium.  I had never been in a situation like this where the audience was so actively contributing to the centre stage clash.  They had turned wild, like a pack of wolves with the blood lust wet in their throats and noses.  Instinctively, I knew this was out of line – rules or no rules.  For a brief moment, I thought or hoped that the Lord of Power would halt the proceedings, and in the heat of the battle, I looked over his way and saw him sitting there faintly bemused as though he was enjoying the spectacle and he was trying to unravel what great secrets he could gather from the mayhem.  I knew then, that he was not going to take a stand.
In panic, I flashed my eyes around the stadium, to see what support I could garnish from there because my strength was not great enough to take the Smiling Assassin and his wolves on alone.  There was no sign of support.   The rest cowered in their seats, not prepared to make a sign of allegiance for either opponent.   Damn them all.   I kept telling myself, “I will not weaken, I will not weaken.”
The Smiling Assassin was reserving his energy, letting his pack of dogs do most of the work now.  Their magic was primitive and tainted, contorted from half-truths and ignorance.   Even there in the depth of the onslaught, a part of me pitied them.   In another part, my passion was turning to rage.  I could not fail or the potential of Zeotec and its people would continue to be stifled.  The white, harsh anger was seething in me.  I was prepared to slay The Smiling Assassin right there and then, even if it cost me my life.  So strong were my convictions.   I would pull his snarling fangs out of his mouth and shove them so far down his throat he would choke on his own spittle and bile.  I prepared for the final assault and was about to unleash the energy force from my staff when the Lord of Power rose from his seat and bellowed, “Back into your box, Master Mind!”
I froze.  I could hear my mind screaming, “What?”  An act of martyrdom would have to wait for another day, so it seemed.


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