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Dream Scene

… The wound to my left side was heavily bandaged but even in my bewildered state, I could see foul juices seeping through the cloth. Fingers of pain were clawing their way inside of me. In my delirium, I vaguely remember seeing the concerned faces of X-Sel, e-Girl and Golihog watching me and I turned away from them, so they could not see my pain.

Once again I fell into a tortured sleep. The serpents imprisoned within me, contorting, twisting and writhing. I am aware that my abdomen aches, hissing, hungry, always devouring. I am writhing, retching, turning and twisting. Spinning, my head is spinning, dizzy with the pain. Heaving, retching, muscular spasms wrack my body, cramping. The serpents revolt; they entangle themselves to feast on my weary body. Such restless sleep. I wish to be awake to shut down this madness and farewell haunting memories.

I can hear a piercing scream slicing across the Vortex belonging to another world of long forgotten, screaming for the myths and legends that had created themselves from a dream, and for a while the spirit lingers, dragging itself over memory walls, and no body could fight its cry, sometimes with laughter but hidden within silent tears, and so it came wanting to be real, once more for a little while, and slowly the darkness devoured it, but still the cry fought with an echo in my brain, pounding mercilessly on a skull’s wall – my skull – shredding away the skin and clenching my fears with such frightful determination and liberating itself into the pained bones. Then I was caught in a moment of hesitation, trapped because the cry wanted to be free from the burdens of realness, wanting to return to its world.

I was floating in the darkness.

It was the smell of fresh yak’s milk and roasted skeet that brought me back to my senses. I opened my eyes tentatively, but the light was low and gentle…


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