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In order for me to write this novel in less than thirty days, I need to have a clear visual of the characters. On the character pages, you will see the corporate heroes “in the flesh”. I have used a couple of programs to develop these characters but the main one has been Hero Machine. It’s a great bit of fun.

Over time maybe these humble heroic character will come out to play and will bring them to life through more sophisticated software and perhaps even animation. If only they would talk to me right now – I need to boost the word count.

Da Link: Forest Elf.  Always in the middle of whatever is going on.

:X-Sel: Numerical Wizard who has a anima companion.

:Super Badger:
His character is nearly as complex as his ordinary name.

:e-Girl: Half Human/ Half Android. Intimate knowledge of the e-niverse. Plans for world domination.

:Golihog: Full blooded human who arms himself with positivity.

:Dr Bon Bon, Pari & Rio: Defenders against the Rumour Spirits.

:The Pod: Commander Jo Jo, Cackle Pod and Odd Pod

:Terra: Representative from Cordillera – mountain ranges in the north of Zetoec.

:Oxy: Representative from Aletia – an expansive desert in the east quadrant of Zetoec.

:Aqua: Representative from Pelagia – the great southern oceans of Zetoec.

:Sola: Representative from Kapricon – the jungles, swamps and marshlands in the western region of Zetoec.

The Villains

:Toxic Slime: Bloodline: unknown but being researched by Dr Bon Bon and Super Badger

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